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When you work with Freelancers your need to know you can trust them with your business. You need to know they have the skills they claim and the time available to complete your work.

Employers use ZZ to find the very best Freelancers to fulfill any technical requirement. As an Employer you will see all the details of every Freelancer including past work history, technical skills, availability and other attributes.

Employers file Freelancers through us because we:

  • Guarantee the highest calibre of Freelancers
  • Provide grading of their skill levels for languages such as PHP or .Net
  • Interview Candidates to assess their communication and personal skills
  • You can compare and contrast instant quotes between Freelancers on our platform
Freelance Developers for Hire

Our Freelance team have worked with some big names on big projects

When we look for Freelancers we look for the very best available and we naturally find some incredible stories of projects that are at the forefront of today's tech development that our Freelancers have been involved with.

When you're planning any project to have someone who has been there and worked at a high level it automatically gives you an edge over your competitors.

Our Employers are able to access our Freelancers profiles and see exactly what they've been working on and who they've been working with.


The Winning Formula


  • CO - Content Managers
  • SM - Social Media Managers
  • VB - Video Bloggers
  • CW - Copy Writers
  • BLO - Bloggers


  • AD - Advertising Experts
  • AW - Adwords Specialists
  • AFF - Afflilates
  • SAL - Sales Executives
  • CS - Customer Service (Live Chat, Emails)
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimisers
  • PR - Public Relations Managers

Creative & Design

  • UX - User Experience Designers
  • ILL - Illustrators
  • AN - Animators
  • VP - Video Producers
  • PH - Photographers
  • WEB - Website Designers
  • GA - Game Designers


  • DEV - Developers (PHP, .Net, Java etc)
  • MA - Mobile App Devs (iOS, Android)
  • PO - Product Owners
  • PM - Product Managers
  • TS - Testers
  • SEC - Security Analysts

Worldwide opportunities for Tech Professionals of the highest level

If you're a Freelance Tech Professional then joining ZZ makes a lot of sense. We have the clients and job opportunities to take you further than ever before.

Whether it's working remotely or in the office when you join ZZ you join a Team that works together and looks out for each other as a community of Tech Professionals.

We value what you do and we look after our Freelancers as our own colleagues and team members.

Freelancers work with us because:

  • We find the highest quality projects
  • We guarantee payment
  • We develop relationships with our clients
  • We value every Freelancer that works with us and we invest in their well being
Freelancing with ZZ

`When you join ZZ as a Freelancer you realise you're no longer on your own. You're part of a successful team and that's really exciting!`

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