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Working as a freelancer can be challenging enough without having to constantly market yourself and look for new jobs.

The challenge doesn't stop there, even when you do find a potential client you have to quote and spend time building a relationship before you even know they'll work with you!

At ZZ we do things differently. We do all the relationship building with clients and we promote you for the jobs you want. We do the up front leg work with quotes and communication leaving you with one choice:

Take the job or leave it for another freelancer.

We need YOU!

We have work for all types of Tech Professional Freelancers.
We categorise them into 4 main categories:

  • Development (Website / Web Apps / Mobile Apps etc)
  • Creative & Design (UX Designers / Branding Designers / Video etc)
  • Marketing (SEO, PR, Adwords, Sales Executives)
  • Content (Bloggers, Vloggers, Copywriters)

Distinguish yourself in the market with our free assessment tools

You've worked hard to get where you are today. You've got the experience and qualifications and you excel in multiple areas of your role. At ZZ we recognise talent for our clients by using our free assessment tools.

There is a place for everyone in the online market but for the good of your reputation and the clients results ww can't rely on a CV to tell us where someone's strengths are. If you're the very best in a particular area we will be able to make that clear using our assessment tools.

Firstly we have the self assessment which requires you to demonstrate your level in each skill. We use this to identify your strengths and to understand the type of jobs you should be considered for.

Secondly the optional assessments give you the most recognition for a specific skill you have identified as your main strength. You can earn a badge for each skill by passing or excelling in a specific skill.

Lastly clients want to know what it would be like to work with you and the 'Interview' empowers you to show them your distinguished levels of communication and excellent attitude.


Work from anywhere in the world. In the office, at home, the choice is yours

You didn't become a Freelancer to be told when and where you should work.

With ZZ you can decide whether you're open to working in a clients office and where that office would be. You can also set your account to be remote working only which means you could be working from literally anywhere.

We don't put any boundaries on where our Freelancers are from. You could be from our home city of London or from a small village in Russia. As long as you can get online and work effectively from a remote location then you can help our clients with your skills and experience.

Our secure cloud servers mean that you can share your work directly with our clients securely and effectively regardless of your location.


Get paid what you deserve on time, every time with no deductions for any reason!

For bringing our clients the world's best freelancers on a simple platform we charge our clients a flat rate of 9% on every job. We don't charge you a penny!

You set the fees you want to charge per hour and any promotions you want to offer. You get exactly what you require and not a penny less.

You can change your rate at any time should you feel your value in the market has risen.

For every job that you accept we guarantee your income and will pay you on a monthly basis or sooner for all the work done within the previous month's time frame.

Freelancing Work

Join the elite of Freelancing today and find our where it will take you...

Freelancers are the stars of the show at ZZ. When you join ZZ you become part of an exclusive team. Clients come to us knowing that we have all the very best Tech Professionals from all over the world.

When you join ZZ you become part of a community of Freelancers that share a passion for excellent technical work. We want to make the world a better digital world!

We regularly run free events and meetups for our Freelancers. We value all our team members and we believe it is important to show it!

Find our more about Team ZZ here.

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