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Find the best talent for your plans available when and where you need them. Make things happen and get work done!

From developers to security analysts we have everyone you need

When you create your product vision you start to realise the specific talents you will need in your team to make your dreams reality.

Sometimes you have that talent already in your office but often your missing a specific skill that is critical to your products development.

Online success requires a great depth of talent in many different areas which is why we don't just cover Development but we also cover Content, Design & Marketing. When combined these four disciplines can take your ideas from 0 to success in no time.

Start today by registering and browsing our talent pool. Maybe you'll find professionals available immediately that can help you now. Or if you don't have a specific need you can save professionals to your team, ready to go when you are.

Hire Freelancers

Our Freelancers are assessed, verified and interviewed

One of the most difficult decisions a project manager faces is picking the team to deliver your product or solution.

What you do know is the skills that your project requires but what to do when every man and his dog claims to be able to design a conversion page or create a secure API?

The good news is ZZ has a complete assessment model. Not only does each Team Member rate themselves for each individual skill but we also assess them and interview them.

This saves you time and enables you to compare Freelancers and consider who is best placed from their skills and experience to help you with your current project.

Employ Freelancers

An alternative way to work. Set up your favorite teams and take control

Using ZZ is a new way to deliver the vision for your products using the most highly skilled tech professionals in the world under one platform.

Traditionally you either have your own in house development team or you use an agency. These approaches are limiting your potential.

The problem with an in house team is you often have skill gaps that need filling to get the result you're looking for. ZZ can fill those gaps and perfect your delivery.

The problem with using an agency is that you don't have control over who does what work. You also have limited transparency through the process and your subject to excess profit margins. Try using ZZ to see the difference it makes.

Maybe you don't even have an agency or an in house team in which case ZZ gives you the opportunity to have your own team cherry picked to delivery your perfect development.

Build Freelance Team

Your Freelancers can work in the office with you or they can work remotely

Even in the biggest companies we don't always have the space or resources to find seats for a full development team.

With ZZ you don't have to because all our team members are experienced Freelancers who are used to working remotely with all data held securely in the cloud.

You will have access to them directly through email and Skype. They only charge for the hours they work so there is no need to worry about their productivity.

If however you're in the fortunate position of being able to accommodate our Freelancers in the office with you then this is an option that is available with most of our Team.

Freelancer Skills

Take on the world with ZZ!

Regardless of your resources international deployment is not easy. You need to have people on the ground who know the market, people who not only know the language but understand the culture.

Understanding this when launching a product outside of your own country is essential to the success of your solution.

There are no borders to the ZZ service. We are building an International team and you can decide to work with the team members in your own country and city or internationally.

Select the team that suits the market and geographical area your product is targeted to.


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